Parallel Compression: Closer Up [Video]


In today’s video, we go into some more depth into the fun realm of parallel compression and the very useful additional methodology that Studio One provides us with, using the splitter function in the channel editor.

Songwriting In Depth Series: Episode One [video]


Welcome to the first Episode of the Songwriting In Depth Series. In this series, we will be taking my song, “Paper Deity”, from my 2016 EP “Belonging To Tomorrow”, completely apart and looking at how I wrote it, arranged it, produced it, and mixed and mastered it.
In this first episode, we will go right to the very beginning, with the keyboard vamp that sparked the whole thing off, and look at how I developed the narratives, characters and meaning of the lyrics.

DISCLAIMER: I must apologise for the slight sync issues I had between the camera and audio. I hope it does not spoil your enjoyment and learning experience while watching the video!

“Songwriting In Depth” Video Series Coming Soon!


In today’s video, I talk about a NEW up-coming series called Songwriting In Depth. If you are a songwriter, arranger or composer, this series is for YOU! Check out the video to learn more.

Mixing Tips Series: Automation On a Bus [Video]


In today’s video we look at how to set up automation on a bus, so that you can control parameters on multiple tracks at the same time. In this example, we demonstrate volume automation, but, the variables are pretty endless with this concept. In many DAWs, volume automation can also be achieved using VCA faders, and Studio One (from version 3.2 onwards) can do this too. Automating a bus, is just another way to accomplish the same thing, especially in lieu of VCA faders.

Product Review: Klanghelm MJUC Compressor


In today’s video, we are doing a ‘first’! A product review!
We are looking at the MJUC compressor from Klanghelm. Absurdly good plugin, absurdly low price!!

Mixing Tips Series: Mixing In Mono [Video]


In today’s video, We look at a somewhat hotly debated mixing technique: Setting your DAW to mono and mixing with EQ and compression, to attain genuine separation of the elements of the song, without the benefit of the stereo field.

New Year – New Announcements!


2017 is going to be AWESOME for you and for us here at Jonny Lipsham Studios! Want to know why? Today’s video will explain all…….while leaving some room for mystery.

Mixing Tips Series – Ambient Effects: Delays [Video]


In today’s video, continuing our mini-series, which overviews ambient effects, we take a look at the three most common types of delays that I use in mixes regularly. I hope you find it helpful!

Happy New Gear!


So, today we took delivery of a new piece of gear! The PreSonus Monitor Station v2!
The old one, which had been given to me around a year ago, 2nd hand finally gave up the ghost just before Christmas, but, thanks to some wonderful generous friends –
you know who you are – I now have this awesome replacement. All the extraneous
noise issues I have had recently are GONE! Very excited to put this thoroughly to the test.


So, here now is the console set up updated:


So, in the run up to Hogmany (New Year’s Eve), I want to wish all our subscribers, customers, supporters and friends a very Happy New Year.
May you all be richly blessed in 2017!




We’d like to take a wee moment to wish all our subscribers, followers, readers, supporters and friends a very merry Christmas, a very happy Hannukah and a happy New Year for 2017!
We’ll be closing down for a few days and be back open again on the 27th December, and then closed again for Hogmany (New Year’s Eve) and New Year’s Day, before returning to normal hours on January 2nd 2017.

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