Music Education

INSTRUMENTAL INSTRUCTION SERVICE (On-site and off-site via Skype)

From beginner all the way through to playing your first gigs, you will learn to play in a wide variety
of styles and genres within the spectrum of Popular Music, including – Rock, Soul, Gospel, Jazz, Latin, Pop and Country.

We offer courses on the following instruments:

  • BASS Guitar (Fretted and Fretless)
  • DRUMS (Currently visiting teacher service only. Please contact us for more info.)

MUSIC PRODUCTION TRAINING SERVICE (On-site and off-site via Skype)

We offer courses, tutorials and clinics in the following areas:




These are available to individuals and small groups (no more than three persons) at our studio,
and are also available to schools and colleges off-site*, and to individuals nationally and internationally off-site via Skype.

*Must have at least some basic recording facilities. Please contact us for more information.


Mix Critiques

Send us a wav stereo mix of your song together with your Skype ID, Facebook or Google+ details and we will contact you to set up a one hour in-depth critique of your mix, helping you to further shape and craft your work so that you can be completely confident when you send it off for mastering (a service we also provide!).





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