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MIDI Drums Made Easy Vol.1 (in association with Home Recording Made $19.95USD

Here’s what customers have been saying about MIDI Drums Made Easy:

Thanks so much for this amazing lessons, (sic) this is exactly what I was looking for.
I listened to part one and half of part two and could not wait to try it on my own, it worked perfectly.
This was the fastest and easiest way building my own drum set in Studio One.

This course is killer and brought me to the next level of drum programming, without EZDrummer
or other software. Hope you release more of these courses!” ¬†Robert


“I purchased your course at Home Recording Made Easy and really enjoy it.
There is certainly a lot of amazing information, you opened my eyes in what a fella really can do to make great drum tracks.
I can’t wait for the next volumes in this series. So many other instructional videos are just alright in my opinion and help a bit with the overall
understanding of whatever the particular course is teaching but your “Midi Drums Made Easy” course is something one can use
right then, right away. It’s really some great stuff. Thank you!”


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