Studio One From Scratch Series Episode Seven: Mixing (Part 2)


In today’s video, we continue mixing our song and delve in to some compression techniques to help with the “front-to-back” depth of field perception of your mix.

Studio One From Scratch Series Episode Six – Mixing (Part 1)


In today’s video, we get down to the business of mixing our song. Starting with the mixbus, drums and percussion, we take a look at the basic tools we will use: The Pro EQ and the Compressor. In the next video we will take a look at the PreSonus Channel Strip and get to work on the remaining busses.

Studio One From Scratch Episode Five: Prep For Mixing


In today’s video, we continue our Studio One From Scratch Series by beginning to prep our finished song for mixing.

Studio One From Scratch Series – Episode Four: Recording Tracks & Using Loops


In today’s video, we continue our process of creating our first song by recording some tracks and making use of some drum loops from the Studio One loop library.

Studio One From Scratch Series – Episode Three: The Song Page


In today’s video, we take a look at the very handy News Feed in the Start Page, and then dive in to an overview of the Song Page. As these videos come along, we will go into detail on certain features as we need them, as we get going through the process from Installation to digital release of your first song.

Studio One From Scratch Series Episode Two: The Start Page


In This next episode of the series, we take a more in-depth look at the Start Page and briefly look at setting up your Audio I/O (this will be covered more in depth in the next episode). If you have any questions, please email me at

Studio One From Scratch – Episode One: Installation and Activation


In today’s video, the first in a brand new series, we will be looking at how to get your new purchase of Studio One installed and activated. This new series will take you through the essentials of using Studio One, from install to your first digital release to the world!

PreSonus StudioLive Series III Mixers Get DAW Control Mode for Studio One


The long-awaited DAW Mode Beta has been launched as of this morning and can be accessed here: (Please read the guide and the firmware loading instructions before starting download)

DAW Mode for Series III Console mixers supports native control over Studio One v3 only.
Anyone testing DAW Mode should be using the latest Series III Beta firmware (available from the Public Beta link above) as well as the latest public release versions of Universal Control and Studio One v3:

Version Info:
Series III Console Firmware – v1.7.13343
Universal Control – v2.5.1.45526
Studio One – v3.5.4.45392

Release Notes are available at the above Public Beta link and will be updated along with any future firmware updates for this Public Beta as we work towards an official public release.

NOTE: Please remember that Tech Support is not available to help customers using beta firmware or software.
Any questions from customers via phone, email, social media, etc. should be directed to the beta link provided.
We will be monitoring posts in the DAW Mode Public Beta forum section from users daily to gather information, verify reported issues, and answer questions.

New Mix-along Series Coming Soon!


Coming VERY soon:

We will be starting a mixing series of YouTube videos featuring the Jonny Lipsham Music song “Paper Deity from the 2016 EP “Belonging To Tomorrow”! Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel. Stems will be available for you to mix along!

Managing The Low End – Mixing Tips Series [Video]


In today’s video, we look at ways to manage the low end of your mix to gain clarity and control of your mix without sacrificing having sufficient weight and body to your mix.

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