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                 I am very pleased to finally have got this aspect of the business together!
It is going to be another fantastic resource for you all, and I am really looking forward to diving in deep into providing you with the best emailed music production advice and teaching, along with being able to give you the heads-up on future tutorial products that I make and albums, singles and EPs I release. You guys on the list will get advanced notice of them all. You’ll also get exclusive under-the-hood and behind the scenes looks at the aforementioned products.

So, what do you get just for joining the list?

  • HD Downloads of my popular 5-part Compression Series tutorials to keep on your computer forever, without YouTube ads or YouTube’s audio compression
  • The Stems from my song “Channelle” from my 2016 EP “Belonging To Tomorrow” for you to mix and/or remix and use in your portfolio to help you get mixing gigs
  • Exclusive Music Production tips, tricks and advice that I will NOT post anywhere else
  • Advanced notice of new products and records I make, including (where possible) exclusive discounts
  • Behind the scenes content from Jonny and Jonny Lipsham Studios
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