Mixing Tips

Mixing Stereo MIDI Drum Files [Video]


In today’s video, we look into mixing a stereo WAV file of a MIDI Drum performance.
Usually, I get sent individual “exploded” tracks of a MIDI drum performance, but occasionally, it happens that I only get sent a stereo mixdown of the MIDI drums. There are some challenges with mixing this way. All your EQ and compression moves will affect the whole drum sound, since there are no “exploded” tracks that would give me control of individual voices in the drumset, so there will be trade-offs and I’ll have to handle with care.¬†Here’s how I approach mixing MIDI drums in this situation.


How To Add Emphasis To Audio Creatively [Video]


In today’s video in our ongoing Mixing Tips Series, we take a look at how you can creatively emphasise audio clips in your song to add weight to the lyrics or to provide hooks to engage the listener throughout the song. In Studio One, we do this using Event FX in the inspector.

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