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December 10th Challenge COMPLETE!


After 3 months since I announced this songwriting challenge, we are finally done! I asked my good friend Johnny Geib to help provide a place for all the song submissions to be posted for us all to share in and be encouraged by.  You can go HERE to check out the songs.


So, what was this challenge?

The challenge was to write, record, mix and master a song, or set of songs, to be released on December 10th. This date was arbitrarily chosen to give us all a deadline to aim for. When you release your song, or set of songs, participants were to post a link to the song(s) in an agreed place.  On the day itself, we had over a dozen submissions, but we are still receiving late entries. 


This is not a challenge that I set and let run its course. No, I’d never do that! I wrote my own song and released it on December 10th as part of this challenge. Click the cover art below to go check it out on Soundcloud! By the way, if you really like the song, you can buy it (along with some other records of mine, if you like!) from my NimbitMusic page HERE.


If you’d still like to take part belatedly in this challenge, please do email me via the contact page. Don’t worry, there will be other challenges, as I intend to make challenges a regular feature for 2019!

Mixing Stereo MIDI Drum Files [Video]


In today’s video, we look into mixing a stereo WAV file of a MIDI Drum performance.
Usually, I get sent individual “exploded” tracks of a MIDI drum performance, but occasionally, it happens that I only get sent a stereo mixdown of the MIDI drums. There are some challenges with mixing this way. All your EQ and compression moves will affect the whole drum sound, since there are no “exploded” tracks that would give me control of individual voices in the drumset, so there will be trade-offs and I’ll have to handle with care. Here’s how I approach mixing MIDI drums in this situation.


How To Add Emphasis To Audio Creatively [Video]


In today’s video in our ongoing Mixing Tips Series, we take a look at how you can creatively emphasise audio clips in your song to add weight to the lyrics or to provide hooks to engage the listener throughout the song. In Studio One, we do this using Event FX in the inspector.

Studio Tour – New Claverhouse Drive Premises


Now that we have been in the new house for around 3 weeks, and have the studio almost set up how I want it, I thought it was about time I showed you all around the new room. So, check out the video below!


All moved in!


After almost 14 days, we are moved in to our new home and are mostly unpacked now. The Studio is all set up and running wonderfully well, our new fibre broadband is installed and running a glorious 20 times faster than our previous internet! Here’s what the studio looks like now, in it’s new room:

 As you can see: it’s MASSIVELY bigger than before!! having all this room means that tracking in the studio will be a lot more comfortable for both artists and me.

Last night, with the help of my good friend Johnny Geib from, we were able to get my livestream quality dramatically improved, now that I have so much more upload speed. so, a huge thank you must go to him.

So, before us we have an exciting new period in the development of the studio as a business and some fantastic new ways in which I can serve YOU, my readers, subscribers, clients and friends. Can’t wait to get stuck in!


Here’s to making MORE music, BETTER music and having WAY more fun in the process!


Moving On Out!


Today, I began packing down the studio, ready for Move Day tomorrow. I have been in this small room for 6 years, and I have really gotten used to it! I am excited to be moving to a new home, with a new studio space, but it is the end of an era. I am very thankful for all the ways my studio business has grown in the last 6 years, and I am very excited about the future ways in which it will grow! I have some very cool and exciting plans ahead for you all.

So, I am documenting the move, and giving you a first look at my new room and how I am going to acoustically treat it and set up my gear; and also how I will over come some inherent acoustic problems in the room. Stay tuned to my facebook page HERE, and my YouTube channel HERE, where I will be documenting everything with photos and occasional livestreams.

Eliminating Noise From Your Audio


In today’s video we look at a cool plugin that will help you eliminate noise from audio tracks very effectively, without affecting the tone and colour of your source audio very much.

Studio One 4 is HERE!!


On may 22, 2018, my very good friends at PreSonus launched version 4 of their increasingly popular DAW, to a great deal of critical acclaim. You can find details about this new version HERE.

 To celebrate this new release, I have begun a tutorial series on all the new features and improvements. This series can be found HERE.

Needless to say, I am very excited about this new version of my DAW of choice for these past almost 5 years.  I hope you enjoy the series of videos as it unfolds and find it helpful as you dive in to Studio One 4.

Exciting Announcement!


Friday night, I will be the featured Artist on Tony Hall’s “Memory Lane” Show on GrooveCityFX Radio station at 8pm EST. Tony will be interviewing me and he will be playing some of my most recent releases. Check it out!

Join My New Email List Today!


If you were able to join my YouTube Livestream last night, you would have learned of the news of the launch of my new Email Newsletter.  I am very pleased to finally have got this aspect of the business together! It is going to be another fantastic resource for you all, and I am really looking forward to diving in deep into providing you with the best emailed music production advice and teaching, along with being able to give you the heads-up on future tutorial products that I make and albums, singles and EPs I release. You guys on the list will get advanced notice of them all. You’ll also get exclusive under-the-hood and behind the scenes looks at the aforementioned products.

So, what do you get just for joining the list?

  • HD Downloads of my popular 5-part Compression Series tutorials to keep on your computer forever, without YouTube ads or YouTube’s audio compression
  • The Stems from my song “Channelle” from my 2016 EP “Belonging To Tomorrow” for you to mix and/or remix and use in your portfolio to help you get mixing gigs
  • Exclusive Music Production tips, tricks and advice that I will NOT post anywhere else
  • Advanced notice of new products and records I make, including (where possible) exclusive discounts
  • Behind the scenes content

If you have read thus far and are thinking this is for YOU, then click the nice graphic below and you will be directed to the sign-up form, or alternatively, sign-up on the sign-up widget in the sidebar.


Email Sign up

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