Earlier this year I wrote a political piece that I wished to use to create a particular impression on a website which I help to administer.  It was quite a long piece of prose which I wished to have placed into a video format as a voice-over with music and a set of changing still images.  It was with this in mind that I approached the Jonny Lipsham Studio.


Within a day or so I had the first draft sent back to me of something quite remarkable.  My voice had been set to a piece of original music tailored to it in 1940’s style, which was utterly complementary and complimentary to it, and played by professional musicians.  In addition a set of 1940’s images had been selected by Jonny Lipsham to add the visual background; they phased and merged into each other as my voice spoke and the music played in a rather compelling way.  The effect was that of an early Filme Noir.


I cannot overstate how impressive this work was, how quickly done, and how good it was.  Any company or individual looking to place an effective message to an audience by use of music, video and voice would certainly find this studio worthy of consideration for their use.

I would recommend them without any reservations whatsoever; an excellent studio and an outstanding level of service.

 – Dr. John Little -Full Music Production customer

I recently wrote a new song and wanted a quality  finished product of it, so I recorded the vocals and guitars in my home studio,
then sent the tracks up to the Jonny Lipsham Studios with some express instructions on what I wanted.
They added very tasteful bass and drums, then mixed and mastered my song to a very high standard.
I’m delighted with the result and I’m particularly impressed by the sensitive manner in which my wishes
were met and by the way the tracks I sent to the Studio have been transformed
into such a professional end product.
I would thoroughly recommend anyone to hire the Jonny Lipsham Studios.


 – Andy P – Mix and Master customer

I had the immense pleasure of utilising Jonny Lipsham’s recording, mixing and mastering skills for my debut jazz album  ‘Jazz and Whisky.

We completed the album in a trail blazing two months, cutting 8 jazz standards, along with professional session and jazz musicians; the award winning Scottish jazz guitarist Lachlan McColl and professional trumpet player John Sampson. I was on vocals and tenor saxophone.

Jonny also gave commanding performances on drums, piano and upright bass that lent beautiful backing to the ballads and faster tracks without overpowering the songs.

He ended up coaching me through some of the more difficult vocals as well, as we laid the tracks down. He is an incredible all round musician with perfect pitch and his love and experience of jazz lifted this particular project to the next level.

Additionally, I wrote a song for my brother, he recorded my vocal and then he added all the backing to the vocals in that one night, once I had left the studio! Jonny mixed and mastered it the following night and the song was on a CD 2 days later!

I Thoroughly recommend Jonny Lipsham Studios for your single, EP and album work. It’s a real ‘buy option.’ You won’t regret it!

 – Peter Lo – Full Music Production customer

“Although Jonny has limitations in studio space, I would urge you to avail yourself

of his ability to nail the best tonal quality from your sound source in the initial stages

and, crucially, to bring things together in the production stage in a way which is both

inspired and sympathetic to the stylistic content of the music”

Lachlan MacColl – Session Guitarist

“My experience with Jonny is personally rewarding in many aspects. He has a deep knowledge of not only Presonus’s Studio One but other software as well. Jonny knows Music history, Music Theory, and as an accomplished musician makes him an especially effective Teacher. His willingness to answer the simplest question without condescension or judgment adds to his effectiveness as the quintessential “Tutor extraordinaire”.”

Chris Beebe – Student and Subscriber

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