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Coming Just as Soon as The PreSonus Symphony Orchestra Series…..


I am excited to let you all know that my next “Made Easy” product for my good friend Dave Vignola over at – MIDI Drums Made Easy Vol.2 is just about ready to DROP!
This volume picks up where volume 1 left off and helps you take those nice new drum tracks you have been creating, armed with the knowledge gained in Vol.1, up another level. I show you how to program “ghost” notes, and some really effective drum rudiments, to give your programmed grooves and fills a new veneer of class and polish. I will be announcing shortly via a video here and on our YouTube Channel the exact date of release in the coming few days or so. Until then….. Be excited!

Coming Very Soon!


After a wonderful two week vacation, we’re back in the studio and hard at work creating new content for our YouTube Channel and products for our good friends over at Home Recording made Easy

First up is a new series of videos taking an in-depth look at the preSonus Symphonic Orchestra add-on for PresenceXT in Studio One.

We will be exploring each section of the Orchestra in some detail in each video, culminating in the final video, in which we will take a look at the really rather excellent loops that come with this add-on. Check out the promotional video HERE!

Next up: Volume Two of MIDI Drums Made Easy will very shortly be available from! We are REALLY pleased with this new volume to this product line. We’re very excited to be able to shortly make it available to you all!

That’s all the news here for now. Stay tuned for the Orchestra series on our YouTube Channel, and over at for the new volume of MIDI Drums Made Easy.

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