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Metering – Studio One 3.5 Series [Video]


In today’s video, we will take a look at the Level and Spectrum meters, and the make-over they have received for Studio One 3.5 from the Developers in Hamburg.

Fat Channel XT – Studio One 3.5 Series [Video]


In today’s video we take a brief look at the newly enhanced Fat Channel, now known as Fat Channel XT, and some of the new look, options and additions, including vintage-style EQ and compression.

Mixer Undo – Studio One 3.5 Series [Video]


In today’s video, we will explore the new Mixer Undo feature in Studio One 3.5.
This was the most popular feature request over on the PreSonus Forum, and has been patiently waited for for a few years, and now, AT LAST, it is here! #StudioOne3Point5Series 

*NEW* Studio One 3.5 Video Series


We are launching, today, following from the release of the 3.5 update to Studio One yesterday (May 23rd 2017), our brand new video series, in which we will go into some more depth and detail on the more than 60 new features in Studio One 3.5. We will start with what I think are the top ten features and working our way through the rest from there. This new update has totally melted my brain with the sheer quality and volume of new features, as well as fixes, to Studio One. It is extremely impressive that such a wealth of new stuff should be made available in a FREE* update to a DAW! Enjoy the series!

*Free to current users of Studio One 3.

Studio One 3.5 is HERE!


PreSonus have only gone and done it again! The newest update to Studio One brings in more than 40 new features, including a new “UNDO everything” feature (including mixer and plugin moves), New EBU R128 Loudness management and a re-designed Project Page for mastering, which also allows for the IMPORT of DDP files as well as export. The famous Fat Channel was given a makeover in line with the recently launched StudioLive Series III mixers. It now includes state space models of classic and vintage hardware EQs and compressors.

My good buddy Johnny Geib and I did two live broadcast shows on Johnny’s Channel HERE, where we went over some of the top 10 new features in Studio One.

Go check out the new version of Studio One HERE!

PreSonus Live Special Broadcast


Today, on the PreSonus YouTube Channel at 10AM CST (4PM BST), there will be a very special live edition of PreSonus Live. You do NOT want to miss this!

Following on from the PreSonus Broadcast, my good buddy Johnny Geib and I, over on his YouTube Channel HERE, will be doing TWO special broadcasts at 2pm and 6pm CST (8pm and Midnight BST), where will reveal some more surprises. You do NOT want to miss these!!

Interactive Mixing with David Vignola and Jonny Lipsham


Join us for the next episode of Interactive Mixing this Saturday, May 20th 2017 at 5pm EST, (10pm BST, 9pm GMT)!

These YouTube LIVE events are always great fun for David and I and for all those participating, so come along and join in!

Editing MIDI Velocities [Video]


In today’s video, we will look at how you can edit MIDI velocities to create dynamic interest and intensity.
We hope you find it helpful!

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