PreSonus Symphonic Orchestra Series Part 6: Percussion (Part 2) [Video]


In today’s video we continue exploring the Percussion section of the PreSonus Symphonic Orchestra. There are chimes, gongs, bells and of course cowbell aplenty!

Reverse Drag & Drop – Studio One 3.5 Series [Video]


In today’s video, we take a wee look at a new feature in the update to Studio One 3.5 (3.5.2) which is simple, logical and extremely useful. For me, it speeds up the drag & drop workflow nicely, making mixing even easier!

PreSonus Symphonic Orchstra Series Episode 5: Percussion (Part 1) [Video]


In today’s video in the PSO Series, we will look at some of the awesome percussion samples, and the keyswitches available for the instruments. There is such a lot to get through that I am doing this section of the Orchestra in two parts. Enjoy!

Studio Tour 2017


Finally, after FAR too long, I got around to making a studio tour video. It’s been about 2 years since the last one, I think, so this update was probably pretty necessary! So, here it is…… Enjoy!

We’ve Gone Analogue!


What? You mean you’ve crammed a huge SSL console into your tiny room?! No! Ha ha ha ha! We have crammed our computer full of Slate Digital analogue plugins, though! Slate’s plugins are widely reputed to be among the top echelons of highly accurate emulations of real analogue channel strips, consoles, EQs, compressors, reverbs and delays. After many years of strictly digital plugins, which are nice and clean and transparent – and there’s nothing wrong with that – we are moving back to where it all started for me: analogue, way back in the 1980s. Very excited to put these plugins through their paces!

The future is bright, the future is analogue!

PreSonus Symphonic Orchestra Series – Episode 4: Woodwinds [Video]


In today’s episode, we take a look at the rather beautiful set of samples that is the woodwinds section, and discover some rather fantastic keyswitches, including a somewhat Gershwin-esque one for the Clarinet.

PreSonus Symphonic Orchestra Series Episode 3: Brass [Video]


In today’s video, we take a detailed look at the brass section of the Orchestra add-on for Studio One 3.  The attention to detail in the sampling is most impressive! Enjoy.

MIDI Drums Made Easy Vol 2 is LIVE!!


We are VERY excited to announce that MIDI Drums Made Easy vol.2 is LIVE NOW over at homerecordingmadeeasy.com!

We are really proud of this instalment in this Series. This volume picks up where vol.1 left off and takes your learning up another gear.  Check out this video that my good friend and colleague Dave Vignola, over at homerecordingmadeeasy.com made introducing it to you all…….

PreSonus Symphonic Orchestra Series Episode 2: Strings [Video]


In this episode of the series, we take a detailed look at the strings section of the Orchestra, looking at some of the articulation key switches and the overall sound of individual instruments and also section sounds. We hope you enjoy this video. Please leave any comments or questions you have either here or on the comments section of the video itself.

HST Livestream For Texas


Our great friend Johnny Geib of HomeStudioTrainer.com is doing an epic 6 hour livestream for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Go check it out here:

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